Noves Partners with Linea to Launch Human-Friendly Block Explorer



Anyone Can Now Easily View and Understand Their Blockchain Usage, No Expert Knowledge Required

We’re happy to announce the launch of “Linea for Humans”, an innovative block explorer that favors simplicity and clarity over raw technical detail. Built for Linea, the new zkEVM rollup from Consensys, Linea for Humans is the first experience that presents transactions in plain language, allowing users of all experience levels to interact with blockchain data in a natural way.

We built Linea for Humans with a “less is more” approach to blockchain, removing many of the technical details that the average person doesn’t need. Instead, the user is presented with clear, English descriptions that communicate what happened on chain for a single transaction or an entire account.

Linea for Humans account history with a human-friendly transaction list

Everyone talks about onboarding the next billion users, but continues to ignore the fact that people are completely intimidated by the technical nature of using blockchain. Linea for Humans acknowledges that people just want simple answers.

“What did I do last week?”

“What did I do last month?”

Don’t make me dig through every transaction trying to figure it out.

Linea’s Head of Partner Marketing, Suzie Godlewski, shared, “We can't grow web3 without lowering the barrier to entry for everyday people, so we're excited that Noves has chosen to create Linea for Humans!”

Linea for Humans is powered by our unique smart contract interpretation technology, which categorizes transactions and describes them based on what they do. By translating transactions regardless of the protocol they came from, this rich information enables new user interfaces and experiences that weren’t previously possible.

At Noves, we know that developers have had to deal with raw blockchain data for too long. We’re taking that data and refining it into information that’s more useful, faster and easier to integrate into applications.

The information behind Linea for Humans is available via the Translate API, allowing teams building on blockchain to access a wealth of previously unavailable data. Whether for wallets, dApps, accounting, tax, or any kind of reporting scenario, these capabilities will simplify web3 development and accelerate time to market.