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We give organizations at the forefront of blockchain the data they deserve.

Blockchain Will Change Everything

We believe the blockchain will change the world.

Why does this matter? Efficient systems mean no resources are spent where they don't need to be; no value is wasted and lost, when it could be used meaningfully. Especially in a world that is yet to reach universal abundance, there are places where value can be directed to produce meaningful impact - clean water, food, shelter, and physical safety are all basic needs yet to be satisfied worldwide.

Where blockchain systems create efficiency, value can be saved and redirected to places where it is needed. Instead of layer after layer of fees compensating for bloated, inefficient organizations, simple and transparent protocols minimize costs and leave more on the table.

Blockchains will help eliminate waste, promoting and funneling resource to value-creating channels.

The blockchain wasn't built with external systems in mind. Sure, you *can* get the data you need, but it's often a lot of work. You end up wasting time building code that is necessary to access the data, but doesn't get any of your work done. Instead of building your product, creating value, you're wrangling data that doesn't work the way you want it to.

We feel that pain. It's why we built the Noves API Suite, so developers and builders could have a short cut around the tedious work of shoehorning blockchain data into something that other systems can work with.

Our APIs are built with the knowledge that after you ask for X you're going to want Y also, and they just serve them up together. We've created APIs that hand you data in a format you're happy to work with and answer the questions you're asking, instead of just serving up the bits and pieces in their native formats.

Our Values

Do It Better

We're building a more efficient world. We find the difficult, the annoying, the awkward, and we make it better. Easier. Faster. Once we've done something, we aren't done - we're always improving.

There's Always a Way

Around here, "no, that can't bedone," is going to be met with askeptical look. We believe thatevery problem has a solution.

People Are the Reason

Noves exists to serve people, not the other way around. Our team, as an amazing place for a career. Our customers, with products that delight and service to match. And the world, via blockchain adoption.

All of Us, All the Time

We bring our whole selves to work. It feels great to throw ourselves into work we love, and we're at our best when our humanity is in full effect. We foster safety, growth, and happiness.

Do the Right Thing

When it comes to team members, our customers, our investors, or anyone else we strive to do the right thing, every time. We recognize the positive effect of transparency in this pursuit.

Our Founders

Ben Roy


Juan Costa


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